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Hi 👋 #

My name is Quazi Mohammad Aldin fardin Aka Aldinn, and I’m currently living in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

I’m a self learned Software Developer and enjoy tinkering within the Software Engineering space as often as I can. I love cycling, I love music. I contribute to open source projects at leisure. I would love to pursue challenging opportunities which contribute to a better tomorrow for all of us!

Favorite Topics #

Currently, I am very interested in Python, django, and Software Engineering in general.

I’m also very keen in the world of DevOps and Containerization.

Experience #

I’m currently working as an idle means no job .

Skills #

A lot of my experience is predominantly around the backend Django , in Html-css & js. Below though is a list of tools and technologies that I have experience with:

Programming / Scripting Languages #

C • Python • JavaScript • Typescript • React • Bash Scripting

Frameworks #

Django • Tailwndcss • rest Framework •

Operating Systems #

MacOS • Ubuntu • Debian • Windows, especially WSL

What do I want to learn next? #

AWS • GCloud • Digital Ocean • Terraform • Cloudformation • AWS CDK • Chef • Ansible

Monitoring and Observability #

Prometheus • Grafana

Database Technologies #

MySQL • Postgres •

Other Tools #

Kubernetes • Docker • Git • Makefiles • Intellij IDEA • VSCode • Atom

Quazi Mohammmad Aldinn Fardin