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DartsNow 🎯 - Online Darts Platform, Log In, Check Out.

·2 mins

2020 -> 2022

DartsNow was a passion project between myself good friend from the University of Huddersfield. It came about due to our historic interest in darts which grew out of our university accommodation. Throughout the pandemic period we had no way to get together and play, so as a result DartsNow was born!

DartsNow offered users a platform to sign up, play a standard format of darts. Each user could setup a game with a custom amount of legs they wanted to play, and to a total of 701, 501, 301, 101. It processed each set of darts thrown, calculated statistics from each game, while also offering peer to peer video via WebRTC to communicate with friends as you played.

Features #

  • Web front end designed with mobile first focus
  • User registration
  • Live Darts Scoring
  • Peer to Peer video calling within a match
  • Match History Stats and Scoring

Tech Bits #

  • Spring Boot Backend
  • Thymeleaf Templated Front End
  • Material UI Design
  • Websocket implementation for live scoring
  • WebRTC integration
  • Metrics using Micrometer, stored and visualised using Prometheus & Grafana.

The project has ceased to exist at the moment. But you can find out lots of information from our public twitter page about what we got up to.