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LeedsCodeDojo - Coding Kata - Mastermind 🔴 ⚪ 🔵 ⚫

·1 min

Wasn’t sure whether to bundle this in as a project, but thought why not! It’s another piece of Kotlin code, just for a bit of fun.

It was the first LeedsCodeDojo in quite a long time, hosted at Sky Betting & Gaming.

The goals of the evening were simple:

Have fun
Pair Program
Learn something new!
Create some logic that simulated the game Mastermind

As a result my entry is available here. I opted to attempt it in Kotlin using Micronauts CLI functionality. This was good fun, but to be honest I wasn’t very familiar with Mastermind the game.

Writing this blog post actually reminded me to update part of the Makefile again!

Requirements to run! #

Clone the repo and follow:

  • Easiest route:
    • Linux / Macos with a valid version of Java installed >= 9
    • run make to build
    • run make run to play!
  • Windows / Not WSL - and without going down the NMakeFile route
    • Ensure you have Java installed
    • run ./gradlew clean build
    • run java -jar build/libs/micronaut-mastermind-0.1.jar