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Kotlin Fit Converter - Kotlin JVM Library for Garmin FIT files

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The Kotlin Fit Converter Library is a Kotlin utility for converting Garmin FIT files into different formats like JSON and Protobuf.

It uses version 21.115.00 of the Garmin FIT SDK, which enables reading FIT files. FIT is a protocol for storing and sharing data from fitness devices. The library has an easy-to-use API for integrating FIT conversion into Kotlin or Java applications. It converts to Kotlin data classes, JSON, and Protobuf. Requirements are JDK 19+, Kotlin 1.8.22+, and a FIT file to convert. Usage requires accepting the Garmin FIT SDK license agreement.

For a full background on the library, head to my blog post it’s related to here

It includes:

  • Handlers to convert FIT files to:
    • Kotlin Data Classes
    • JSON
    • Protobuf
  • Spring-like conversion interface and a generic service. Allowing its users to create their own set of Converters for doing their own FIT conversion.
  • GitHub action workflow for tests. The repository also includes Jacoco for test coverage reports and Maven for publishing to local / Github Packages.
  • Dokka generated docs

Docs Home
Dokka Home Page

Example data class documentation

Technology Used:

  • Gradle Library Project
  • Garmin FIT SDK
    • Version: 21.115.00
  • KotlinX Serialization
  • Automated workflow to build / publish new versions
  • Dokka documentation

The source code for the library can be found here: